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Hey Everyone......welcome to our new and improved site. We still are building it at the moment and it will take time but it should beat our last site.
We are really looking foward to our new EP (yet to be titled) and hope that all goes to plans. Right Now we are rehearsing all the tracks to put on the CD. We will begin playing as soon as work clears up and the ep comes out. We have been looking forward to this since this oppertunity came our way early this year. We have completed 3 tracks for the cd but hope to put another 3 on. If the Cd does well enough we will record a LP during the next 16 months. We will give a release date for the CD as soon as we negotiate the recording date which isn't yet decided. We are looking in at Late July or August. We will definatly have it released in September 05'.
Thanks for supporting the Site......hope you enjoy

News Updates

June 3rd


Hey Everyone.......we are just beggining our new site. WE will keep most the information from the old dite but put alot more on this site. We are currently moving all the old information over right now. We will try stream some music from some of our previously recorded tracks.until were finished i'll post again soon


Pricing depends on shipping costs and quantity ordered. We do provide each product in a basic form with the possibility of additional features. In doing so, we guarantee reasonable prices and allow you the option to custom design your products.

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